Walk Up Staircase

You take the torch and proceed upwards. The steps are wide, as if designed to accommodate a parade, but short and narrow – suggesting the designers were diminutive in stature. Etched into one of the stairs is what appears to be an emoticon – ‘θώθ’. Cute, you think, and imagine cuddly little cartoon bears inhabiting the cave. There appears to be scratches next to the emoticon, as if someone had been counting something, but they are too faded to add up. You can tell you are reaching the top, as the sides of the pyramid approach intersection, but the light of the torch fails to illuminate your destination until you draw close. A glittering black and green reflects the flickering flame back at you.

You move closer to examine a circular obsidian door set into the stone, surrounded by a ring of emerald – designed to resemble the pupil and iris of a giant eye engraved into the triangular capstone. There is a small electronic number keypad built into the center of the door.

>enter numbers into keypad

>attempt to climb the capstone