Walk into Tesseract

You enter the tesseact, and the plane shifts back into itself, disappearing. Time oscillates very suddenly, and a huge wave crashes down upon this plane of existence – drowning you into a time-frame. Your perception glitches and for a moment you struggle to gather your senses.

Looking around, you see that you are in a massive room, dimly lit on all sides. Perceiving the space with perfectly clarity, from side to side and top to bottom, you become acutely aware of yourself as a tiny Human organism, compared to the sheer scale of the space – as if the entire universe could fit in here with room to spare. Agoraphobia sets in, and you begin to panic, but set your intention to remain calm.

Hesitantly you begin to walk. A few steps in and you notice that you are walking on a colorless translucent surface. Your mind attempts to classify the room as grey, but somehow your experience of grey fails to match the quality of colorlessness which you are perceiving. A sense of wonder and excitement at the novelty surrounding you leads to a rises to levels of anxiety which threaten to shatter your mind.

Will I be stuck here forever? you wonder. You want to settle the anxiety by positioning your body in some kind of familiar grounding. Whether you sit or stand, you feel as if you are barely in physical space, and yet something is there to support your weight. You collapse onto the ground and are about to give up all hope when suddenly a table with lighted lamp resting on it appears to your side. You could see in every direction, for the entirety of the room; this was not there before. You get up and walk towards the table. There is a note on the table

The note reads:

Welcome to the Infinity Room. Do you want to experience the impossible?

>say “yes” 

>say “no”