Travel North

The journey towards the ocean is long and gives you ample opportunity to think. How did I get here and where am I going? You wonder. What had started out as a seemingly mundane reading exercise was quickly becoming an adventure into bizarre and unfamiliar landscapes. As you scan the environment the question enters you mind, Who made this world?

“You are the creator.” a voice whispers on the breeze. You jump, startled by the invisible proclamation, and turn around in an attempt to find the source of the voice. “Who’s there? Show your self!” you demand.  There is no response. All you can hear is a whistling wind blow and the distant collapsing of waves upon the shore line of your destination unknown.

You continue on your way and eventually reach a sandy beach. Out of the corner of your eye you detect movement to your right. At the water’s edge you see a large group of people wearing white tunics . Some of them are splashing in the shallows and you think for a moment they must be swimmers, but then you see… red… blood… staining the fronts of their garments. The water is darkened around them, and several are ripping entrails from carcasses with their bare hands. So much blood! Human sacrifice?  You feel frightened and appalled. The first humans you’ve found in this world and they appear to be barbaric murdering savages.

>approach the throng of blood soaked strangers

>travel down the beach in the opposite direction