Take the Boat

You untether the boat and push off into the inlet. A grizzled looking man rushes out of the forest yelling, “κλέφτης! κλέφτης!” He draws a dagger and rushes into the water. You row faster as he draws near – waist deep in water, and clawing to grab onto the boat. You manage to whack him in the head with one of the oars, leaving him stunned enough for you to gain some distance. Face bloody and screaming, the man continues to pursue you. A few feet further the man enters water too deep to wade through and begins to flailing, apparently unable to swim. He manages to make it back to the shore and runs along the water’s edge in an attempt to track you, but it is hopeless. You are safely out of his reach.

As you exit the inlet into the sea, you take a moment to get your bearings. In the distance you spot an island. The sea is choppy and you are uncertain how safe it would be to travel very far from land. Further down the coast you see a suitable beach to land at.

>travel to island

>travel to beach