CURSED SITCOM 1511 (Pilot Episode)

Three humans, a dog, and a cat move into a new rental house. A strange doll is found in the backyard. Danger and mystery unfold. Will they survive the lease? Theme song written and performed by Derrick Gregor. Programming by Magister Luder H.M.S.H. 1511 released its pilot episode on Youtube early 2020 and was quicklyContinue reading “CURSED SITCOM 1511 (Pilot Episode)”

57 Black Satelites

The SpaceX launch of 57 starlink satellites, to service the digital signal expansion of Fnord57, is currently being rescheduled after a series of technical issues have delayed the mission for the third time. “They simply aren’t black enough.” Musk was reported to have said in a recent private meeting. The sunshade technology being used, inContinue reading “57 Black Satelites”