The Making of Metadada Studio

We are a studio company with unique guiding principles and a creative vision that is unparalleled in the industry. We occasionally have to sit back and reflect on how rare of an opportunity it is to work together on amazing projects and for such beautiful a beautiful audience and clientele. It isn’t always easy, butContinue reading “The Making of Metadada Studio”

I n s t a n c e s – Frozen Hill Road (official video)

Band: I n s t a n c e s Track: “Frozen Hill Road” Album: Choose Your Eternity Label: Metadada Records Directed by: Schfitza, Shphiza, and Shphiitsa Produced by: Metadada.Studio Originally aired: 06/27/20 on Fnord57 in Fifty-Six, Arkansas Outside the convergence and in the vastness of forgotten landscapes, there are processes taking place. These developContinue reading “I n s t a n c e s – Frozen Hill Road (official video)”

CURSED SITCOM 1511 (Pilot Episode)

Three humans, a dog, and a cat move into a new rental house. A strange doll is found in the backyard. Danger and mystery unfold. Will they survive the lease? Theme song written and performed by Derrick Gregor. Programming by Magister Luder H.M.S.H. 1511 released its pilot episode on Youtube early 2020 and was quicklyContinue reading “CURSED SITCOM 1511 (Pilot Episode)”