Shatter Reality

Your reality shatters like glass and free falls through emptiness. Shards of your existence begin to reassemble as if by a force of gravity. The congealing process accelerates and you quickly find yourself in a misty jungle landscape with dark purple skies.

The alien environment is surrealy beautiful – patches of land float serenely amongst gemlike asteroids; all rotating around a fluctuating ultraviolet plasmatic vortex. It is clear that this reality has slightly different physics, although not entirely unfamiliar. This all seems very improbable…but not impossible, you think to yourself.

You proceed to explore. You exit the dense jungle foliage  to find the edge of the floating island you are on. At the edge of land you see an strange technological device exuding some kind of energy that causes the air around it to shimmer. The device is purple with two large prongs on either side. Looking up you spot an identical looking device at the edge of a piece of land floating above you at about a 47° angle. You walk closer to the edge; as you enter the shimmering aura surrounding the device, you begin to float weightlessly through space towards the floating island above you. 

Your legs buckle for a moment, readjusting to gravity, as you land at the site you had just been viewing from distance. The hyperobject that sent you to this reality appears in front of you, and speaks in a calming voice, “Welcome. You have arrived. Others have come before you. They also trusted their intuition, and entered the tunnel as you did. Across all space and time, the portal to the infinity room has been there. Many have chosen the same as you. This reality exists apart from the space and time from which you have come. Others, from your world, from all aeons are here. Do you wish to meet them?

>“yes, i’d like to meet them.”

>”no, i want to go back to my reality.”