Say Yes

A spectrally unfamiliar, multi-dimensional, chalice-like hyperobject appears. Your sixth sense seems heightened, yet familiar- like a forgotten aspect of your core becoming remembered. You sense this hyperobject has consciousness in some regard , but too complex in dimensionality to communicate with you by its own terms. You acknowledge it, and it immediately seems to scan your mind; then build a psychic bridge in order to deliver a message.

It does not speak, or even project words into your mind; rather, it uses the electrochemical signals of your central nervous system to flood the architecture of your body with with kaleidoscopic pulses- communicating by an advanced, yet seemingly ancient, wordless universal language. You can tell that it does not want to control you, but, by the way it has effortlessly permeated so deep into the core of your being it could obviously use you in any way it wanted. 

There is a unity between you and this entity – your sense of being is fused with it, yet you can differentiate yourself from it. It suggests through instantaneous awareness that experiencing the impossible is possible, but that preparation is required. You realize that this entity is a gatekeeper and you are being screened to see if you can handle the impossible. 

You are suddenly thrust into what seems like a loading screen – a room of the same featureless quality as the infinity room, except regular in size. Your own internal voice speaks as if possessed, “Prepare to take control of your animal instincts. Expel any impulses which may attempt to stall you from complete transcendence of physicality.” In your mind you recognize that you have a choice – shatter your reality or experience the impossible.

>shatter reality