Meet Them

The hyperobject levitates aside and tips slightly as if ushering you towards a path that leads to the opposite side of the island. You proceed down the path and find a dormant device at the far edge of the land which activates as you approach. You walk into the shimmering aura and again are made weightless and floated through the air.

The sky you are moving towards seems empty at first, but then you realize you are being transported beyond a fold in space; behind the sky lies a hidden piece of land shrouded in night. You notice how strange it is to see the edge of a universe – as clearly as the corner of building. You almost reach your hand out to touch the fold as you float past, but decide against it. The edge appears solid, steady, and imparts to you an interesting sense of grounding to witness. 

You arrive on the piece of land, and walk for a few minutes through the dark jungle foliage to reach a large circular stone amphitheater. The purplish light of a plasma pit at the center of the amphitheater illuminates the faces of humans all gathered around – appearing alien in the strange lighting. You overhear a conversation taking place between two cyberpunks, styled in distinctly different aesthetics of futurism, about how they had arrived only minutes apart, but from different decades. You quickly notice how everyone gathered here is dressed as if from different time periods.

You step into the light of the plasma well and say, “Hello! They all turn and acknowledge you tentatively – clearly unsure of their purpose here. You hear a rustling in the underbrush behind you and turn to see a man wearing a mid-1900’s-era worn black suit and tie. He brushes himself off and then speaks, ” Greetings! What year are you all from? That… creature… informed me we are all from different time periods… Where I come from… it’s 1952.” 

There is a long pause and the man adjusts his tie and clears his throat, “…anybody here speak English?” A young girl, who appears to be from the medieval period, replies, “Ic spaek Englisc, ac hwa doth ðu maen …ti-me?” She says the word ‘time’ as if she has never heard it before – apparently from a civilization preexisting the concept of time. You chuckle a little and say, “This is going to be interesting.” Everyone proceeds to speak in multitudes of languages and dialects – all forming an incoherent babble. 

The hyperobject appears all of a sudden hovering above the plasma pit. Everyone becomes silent. It speaks, you can only assume, in a different way to everyone at once:

“All of you have gathered here, of your own accord. It has been your free will that brought you here; not I. Under universal law, I present you all with a fair opportunity to view what you have come here for. You have already seen what can be considered impossible. All of you gathered here are courageous human beings, at least, at this stage in your evolution. I give you the opportunity to participate in a contest, your place in which will determine the level of ‘impossible’ you view. This will be a battle. None of you can be injured, and none of you may perish from any action taken in this realm. If you are ‘taken out’, you will appear unharmed in a world comparable to your ranking placement in the contest. There is no risk of death. Will you compete?”

One by one, every individual gathered voices their choice. The individuals you particularly noticed before, the man from 1952 and the young girl who appears from the medieval period, both accept. It comes time for you to give your response.

>“i will compete.”

>”i want to go back to the reality i came from.”