Let Go

You let go – realizing that the only control that exists over you is product of your own mind agreeing with the experience being forced onto you. You form a whirlwind around yourself and slowly, deliberately, bring yourself back down to land onto the water’s surface, as if it were solid ground. Whoever those men were, and whatever it was they were trying to do, it seems that they have inadvertently awakened you to extraordinary powers over the physics of this reality. You proceed to walk effortlessly across the water and towards the beach. You sit in the sand and enjoy the colors of sunset painting the clouds – realizing fully that the beauty of it all is within you and subject to your whims. You don’t particularly feel like changing anything and so take a stroll down the beach with a knowing smile.

You approach a futuristic looking vehicle parked in the sand. It’s sort of a cross between a car and a truck – sleek silver planar body reflecting the the oranges and purples of the sky magnificently. Inside you find there are keys in the ignition and a pack of cigarettes on the dashboard.

>smoke a cigarette

>drive down the beach