Hold Breath

You hold your breath. You know how to hold your breath for a long time. The longer you hold, the less panic you feel. You realize that this is just a dream and instinctively move your body in formations that generate a vortex of water which allows you to easily rise to surface on your own accord. While decompressing from the depths you approach a black out state and have a vision of three men in black circular brimmed hats sitting around a table. You see one of them holding a string who says, “You can deal with the depths, but can you deal with the heights?” and pulls the string upwards.

You snap back into your body being rocketed out of the water and high into sky. You feel like you are being flung out of orbit as you watch the scene move swiftly miniaturized. Looks like I was on an island, you think amid the panic of being lost to space. A force pressures you to climb higher.

>embrace the force

>let go