Hide in Underbrush

You scramble into the underbrush, and very quickly realize it was a bad idea. Tripping over tree stumps, and clawed by low hanging branches, your pursuer effortlessly catches up to you. “Hey, please just let me go. I don’t know where I am. I just want to leave.” You attempt to plead, but he doesn’t seem to know or care what you are saying. He jabs his knife towards your gut and you spin, narrowly dodging the blade. Before you can reorient yourself he slashes you across the face. You can’t tell how bad the wound is at first, but notice blood streaming down your face and into your eyes – making it difficult to see.

You feel a sharp puncture into your side. “Fuck!” you yell and continue trying to get away. You fall to the ground and then feel the man’s hand grip you by the hair and pull your head upwards. You start to whimper and then gurgle as your throat is being sliced open. Amazingly, you aren’t dead from this. You slowly bleed out as your body is dragged out of the woods. The man lays you down next to the water. You look up at him as he kneels over you to clean his knife on your shirt. It feels like the sun is setting.