Give Up

You stop struggling and allow the octopus to pull you in close with it’s tentacles. A buzzing sensation radiates through your head, seemingly coming form the octopus, and the words form in your mind, “I will take your place in the fisherman’s net if you promise to kill him for me.” You see a flash of the octopus’s mind – it’s kin slaughtered at the hands of the fisherman; a vendetta to fulfill. You nod your head in agreement and the octopus releases you; then drifts towards the surface.

You see the fishing net breakthrough the water and wrap around the octopus. While the fisherman is distracted struggling to pull up his net you surface on the other side of the boat unnoticed.  Seizing the opportunity, you pull yourself onto the boat and grab the man’s knife, left untended in the boat’s hull. He manages to pull the net up, and, realizing he has made the wrong catch, yells in anger and releases the net. It’s your time to fulfill your end of the deal. Just as the fisheman turns around you plunge the blade into his throat. You watch as his pupils dilate. He manages to pull the knife out, causing blood to spray all over you, and then falls backwards into the water with a *splash*. You watch the man thrash around for a few seconds and then see the tentacles swiftly wrap around his torso and pull him under. Bubbles continue to rise to surface for a few minutes, and then silence.

The ordeal leaves you in shock and the boat slowly drifts out of the inlet and to the sea. When you come back to your senses you spot an island in the distance; the sea is choppy and you are uncertain how safe it would be to attempt rowing that far from shore. Further down the coast you see a suitable beach to land at.

>travel to island

>travel to beach