Flail Around and Cry for Help

“HELP!” you yell and proceed to fling your body around the tiny room – bumping into walls and feeling around frantically to no avail. “CAN ANYBODY HEAR ME!?” your words fall muted against the solid barriers on all sides. “HELP!” you continue to cry and jump up and down – that’s when you notice a creaking sound beneath you. You jump again and upon landing hear the echo of a hollow thud below. Getting on your knees, you feel for the edge of the carpet and proceed to roll it back. There is a seam in the floor. In the darkness you feel around for a handle but find none. The seam is too tight to leverage with your fingers; so you crawl towards the shattered remains of the screen and pick out a piece which seems sufficient to use as a prying tool.

Carefully, you wedge the piece of screen into the seam, and pry enough to get your fingers under the board; then lift the rest of the way. You can make out a dim light coming from the hidden passage you have discovered. Slowly your eyes focus to realize there is a ladder leading downwards.

>descend ladder