Climb Up Rope

You feel the air getting warmer as you reach the light above. The climb is far. You begin to feel fatigued. As you emerge from the hole you are relieved by a pleasant breeze and the sight of pastoral rolling hills. The air smells fresh of spring, and the sky is clear – a shade of blue more brilliant than anything you have ever seen before. You feel as if you have arrived into a distant past… or perhaps another world entirely.

Breathing deeply and taking in your surroundings:

You spot a meadow to the west which is speckled with flowers of white, yellow, orange, and pink. To the north you can see a silvery ocean engulfing the horizon. In the east the land juts steeply upward to form a large hill dotted with with massive boulders, rock walls, and what appears to be a megalithic obelisk at the summit. Southward a glittering waterway cuts through the landscape.

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