Climb Rope

You grab the rope with one hand and pull yourself upwards. After several minutes of scaling your arm grows tired. You struggle to continue, but drop the torch and watch it fall… down… down… down… banging against the side of the pyramid several times before snuffing out. You are left hanging in darkness, but, with your other arm free, you are able to continue climbing much easier.

You climb for several more minutes, hoping you’ll arrive at a destination soon, when suddenly you feel the rope give a little. “Shit!” you yell out reflexively. You have no idea how long this rope has been in this dank cave slowly rotting. You start to panic, unsure whether to attempt to proceed climbing or slide back down to the capstone. Before you can make a choice you hear a *snap* and feel yourself falling. You flap your arms and kick your legs as your body tumbles downwards. You feel a sharp pain in your back and then go numb, vaguely aware of yourself smashing again and again against the pyramid’s surface. Your neck snaps and you are dead before you reach the bottom.