Climb Down Rope

The air feels cooler and damper the deeper you descend. You can hear the *drip…drip…drip* of water droplets falling from stalactites. As your eyes adjust, you find yourself in a cave illuminated by some sort of phosphorescent algae. The natural rock and mineral formations are gorgeous, pristine, and mostly undisturbed – except for a narrow pathway which appears to have been formed by the footsteps of travelers who have come before you. You follow along the path slowly, feeling at peace – a sense of serenity and awe pervades you. It is like being in an ancient cathedral whose construction began at the beginning of the world, and will continue on until the end.

You reach a fork in the path. To the left the passageway narrows, and slopes further downward. You see a faint reddish glow in this direction. To the right the passage opens up, and the rock formations look like a staircase built for giants. It looks like it would be difficult to scale at some parts, but not impossible.

>go left

>go right