I n s t a n c e s – Frozen Hill Road (official video)

Band: I n s t a n c e s Track: “Frozen Hill Road” Album: Choose Your Eternity Label: Metadada Records Directed by: Schfitza, Shphiza, and Shphiitsa Produced by: Metadada.Studio Originally aired: 06/27/20 on Fnord57 in Fifty-Six, Arkansas Outside the convergence and in the vastness of forgotten landscapes, there are processes taking place. These developContinue reading “I n s t a n c e s – Frozen Hill Road (official video)”

CURSED SITCOM 1511 (Pilot Episode)

Three humans, a dog, and a cat move into a new rental house. A strange doll is found in the backyard. Danger and mystery unfold. Will they survive the lease? Theme song written and performed by Derrick Gregor. Programming by Magister Luder H.M.S.H. 1511 released its pilot episode on Youtube early 2020 and was quicklyContinue reading “CURSED SITCOM 1511 (Pilot Episode)”

Fnord57 Stream

Fnord57 has officially entered the digital age! Metadada.Studio is proud to announce that we have expanded the network, to reach a global audience, by creating a stream on Twitch. @ https://www.twitch.tv/fnord57 To be anticipated on live stream: live group showings of classic, obscure, and rare cinema! live art demonstrations and music performances! live video gameContinue reading “Fnord57 Stream”

Through the Shadow Mask Ep 02

Pop29 – Portland, Oregon Fnord57 – Fifty-Six, Arkansas Through the Shadow Mask was produced In-House by Will Erokan. Using free form non-patented mechanical automation techniques, five sources are cut together at intervals based on Bob Dobbs’ Tiny Note Chart to create a visceral representation of media as medium and massage. WARNING: 5669657765727320617265206164766973656420746f20736f616b20696e20746865206672657175656e6369657320776974686f757420636f6e7363696f757320696e7465726e616c697a6174696f6e20746f2061766f696420636f676e697469766520646973736f6e616e636520616e6420626573742072656365697665207375626c696d696e616c207472616e736974696f6e2e20

Strange Tech in Stone County

Strange Tech in Stone County By: F. Mason on: April 30, 2020 Residents of Fifty-Six, Arkansas have been reporting strange underground rumblings, patterns of multicolored lights that dance across the sky at night, and bizarre television programs being broadcast by analogue signals that seem to disrupt electronic devices – all coinciding with a mysterious companyContinue reading “Strange Tech in Stone County”