A Dream within a Dream..

Metadada.Studio began as a mission, to $capitalize$ %responsibly% on #sweet-spot# (between old/new media) !technologies! with a keen eye for emerging quantum consciousness &exploits&. The world has become a very dangerous place – far too complex for the standard user to asses with any level of accuracy what level of reality they are operating in; so we wanted to provide services which benefit clients and investors while ensuring clear ethical boundaries. While similar service providers tend to lurk in the shadows and keep their activities guarded by +encryption+, Metadada.Studio operates openly (albeit liminally) and with total transparency (albeit allegorically) – not only for the sake of our integrity, but for the quality of our clients final product.

We provide:

In-House Audio/Visual Services

Web 37.0 Dreamtime Development

Synchrologistic Strategy Assesment

Full Spectrum Media Subversion

Non-lethal Psychotronic Signals Intelligence

And so much more!

Check out our newsletter for current updates on public projects. If you are interested in receiving a free consultation contact us and a representative will guide you through the process.