The Making of Metadada Studio

We are a studio company with unique guiding principles and a creative vision that is unparalleled in the industry. We occasionally have to sit back and reflect on how rare of an opportunity it is to work together on amazing projects and for such beautiful a beautiful audience and clientele. It isn’t always easy, but the thing that keeps everything cohesive and on task is truly the core bonds of friendship that is at the heart of Metadada Studio.

Our founders, Cowan and Scaglione, first met at a house party in Kutzown, Pennsylvania, back in 2008. Legend has it that the two didn’t speak to each other for the first several months of their friendship, and only communicated by telepathy. Between dodging alien abductions and infiltrating secret societies for the lulz, they cultivated an affinity for high strangeness that would inform their approach to the creative process, and provide inspiration for the projects to follow. The early days of their collaboration took form as a surrealist intelligence agency, the Nameless Syndicated Archives (NSA), that utilized synchronicity as a tool for existential detective work. At it’s height the NSA boasted twenty-three agents based all over the globe and took part in many missions that still remain classified. An avant-garde practice of metamodern occultism emerged from the experimental processes they were developing- to form epistemological girders underlying the psychedelic techniques they continued to hone.

In 2016, the centennial of the birth of Dada, Metadada Studio was established to carry on the mission of surrealism into the future. It wasn’t until 2020, however, that the studio went public and began transmitting out of Fifty-Six, Arkansas, our local access channel, Fnord57. In the brief time that we have been public we have received great audience reception, and many opportunities to use our vision and skills in ways that benefit our growth as a studio. Early next year we will be moving our office to Little Rock, Arkansas, to be more accessible to visitors, while maintaining our signal station in Fifty-Six. We will be seeking additional members to join Metadada Studio as our services continue to expand, and invite anyone interested to contact us for further information on positions available.

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