57 Black Satelites

The SpaceX launch of 57 starlink satellites, to service the digital signal expansion of Fnord57, is currently being rescheduled after a series of technical issues have delayed the mission for the third time. “They simply aren’t black enough.” Musk was reported to have said in a recent private meeting. The sunshade technology being used, in this soon to be launched fleet, is publicly touted as a friendly compromise to the astronomical community after complaints of the light pollution being caused by the excess of satellites currently orbiting earth, but close associates describe Musk as having “taken this goth phase too far” – no longer about functionality Musk is alleged to sleep all day and work by candle light all through the night while listening to “Black Planet” on repeat.

Representatives of Fnord57 are reported to be “unconcerned” with the ongoing delays of the launch. “The man is an artist. He can’t compromise his vision…” said Metadada Studio’s spokesman, Jason Kouneli, in a recent interview and then added, “He’s sort of going through a late onset teenage angst phase… with all the acid and memes… he’ll find himself eventually. This is probably just a phase.”

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