Through the Shadow Mask Ep 02

Pop29 – Portland, Oregon

Fnord57 – Fifty-Six, Arkansas

Through the Shadow Mask was produced In-House by Will Erokan. Using free form non-patented mechanical automation techniques, five sources are cut together at intervals based on Bob Dobbs’ Tiny Note Chart to create a visceral representation of media as medium and massage.

WARNING: 5669657765727320617265206164766973656420746f20736f616b20696e20746865206672657175656e6369657320776974686f757420636f6e7363696f757320696e7465726e616c697a6174696f6e20746f2061766f696420636f676e697469766520646973736f6e616e636520616e6420626573742072656365697665207375626c696d696e616c207472616e736974696f6e2e20

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