Strange Tech in Stone County

Strange Tech in Stone County

By: F. Mason on: April 30, 2020

Residents of Fifty-Six, Arkansas have been reporting strange underground rumblings, patterns of multicolored lights that dance across the sky at night, and bizarre television programs being broadcast by analogue signals that seem to disrupt electronic devices – all coinciding with a mysterious company that moved into the small city late last year. Metadada.Studio, is the name filed to the Office of Finance, and according to census records, their presence has tipped Fifty-Six from a population of 173 to a whopping 191. “They just moved into the old saw mill and strange things started happening. Some people say they’re aliens. Some people say they are part of the deep state. I think they are just fine.”, said the cities mayor.

I managed to arrange an exclusive interview with, Jason Kouneli, a representative from Metadada.Studio, and was invited to meet at their corporate headquarters in Fifty-Six to look around. From the outside, the old saw mill looked much the same as it had before their arrival, run down and rusted, but inside I found that the building had been renovated into a state of the art office and studio space. As I was toured around to witness all manner of media production equipment, computer stacks, sensory deprivation chambers, and staff living quarters, I couldn’t help but ask, “How do you fund all of this? And why did you decide to locate in Fifty-Six?”

JK:“We started off in California, establishing ourselves by budget bidding on media service contracts for the military mostly. By the time we built up enough of a reputation to have people coming to us for jobs, we realized that we were really more interested in pursuing our own in house passion projects. Of course we still need to pay the bills though, so it became necessary to find a location where overhead would be cheap enough that we could keep financial concerns at a minimum while being free to fund ourselves and expand our reach.”

FM: “So Fifty-Six was just a destination for reasons of affordability?”

JK: “Partly, yes, but primarily, no. We could have found even cheaper real estate. Fifty-Six became attractive to us to relocate to for more esoteric reasons.”

FM: “Esoteric? In what way?”

JK: “Psychogeography became integral to our media process, and so it seemed fitting that we would select our base of operations with attention to subtle details. For example, were you aware that there are actually two towns in Arkansas at the same latitude who share have been named Fifty-Six? I don’t want to give away too much, but suffice to say there is more significance to this town and the number it is named after than is common to knowledge.”

FM: “So you are saying you located to Fifty-Six because of the town’s name?”

JK: “Not exactly. More accurately, the town is named for reasons which are advantageous to our work.”

FM: “And you can’t elaborate on these reasons? I am sure that many locals will have a hard time believing that you have more insight into their town than they do?”

JK: “I am sure there are locals who understand what I am referring to, and I am sure that they would prefer that I don’t elaborate further on the matter. I suppose one thing I can say is that it is underground…”

The interview was cut short as I attempted to probe further into what exactly it is that Metadada.Studio does, and whether there was any truth to the rumors of being cause to the strange occurrences recently reported in the area. I was escorted off the property, and left with more questions than answers. During the course of my investigation I found a lot of contradictory theories floating around as to the nature of Metadada.Studio. For sake of journalistic integrity it seems best to not publish the more fantastical claims I have gathered. I will leave it up to community of Fifty-Six to decide what to make of their new found residents. Whatever the truth is, as for now, the rumors seem more plausible than ever.

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